KJF is an international federation that is established for every Martial Artist, to keep, guide and promote the Martial Art of any style. We believe that Jujutsu is the mother of the martial art and that Angampora (Sri Lanka) and Kalaripayat (India) are the grandparents. The federation is for the members to support and guide them. All (Grand)Masters are qualified and certified Budo teachers, recognized by KJF.

All (Grand) Masters are here to take knowledge from each other and to give knowledge to each other.

We have a division for every style. Every style has a (Grand)Master. KJF is a federation that provides possibilities for the Martial Artist to develop his/her skills and give recognition and promotions for the activities that have been undertaken by a Martial Artist.

The federation is for those who are creative and has developed their own style and are looking for recognition of a Federation, who can support them in their further development or just want to be independent.
We are for those who are open-minded and wants to learn from others, in order to achieve more knowledge not only about other disciplines/style but also about the ancient Budo in order to improve them self.

KJF is a recognized member of the NCS, which is connected with NOC/NSF.

When one becomes a member of our Federation and one has his/her own style, we give them their own space and under the supervision of the President, they can function independently. Only when one will need help we will provide that according to the rules and regulations, which is written in our constitution.

KJF Headquarter is established in the Netherlands.
We are building up branch organization.
We are a federation that is trying to keep and maintain the tradition and culture of the Budo.
We are for those who are willing to profile themselves by taking education from high ranked teachers in their own discipline/style.

When one becomes a member of our federation, we give them their own space and under supervision of the President and they can function independently.

Since 2017 we have also established KJF ASIA for the Martial artists from the Asian countries, who cannot travel to Europe because of visa problems. This is being co-ordinated from Sri Lanka by master. Naditha soysa who is also the representative of KJF.  Check the details at CONTACT for contacting the coordinator in Sri Lanka.

This is to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of the martial artist by nominations in different categories by students and masters from over the whole world. For members and also for non-members.

When you think we can be of any meaning for you, please feel free to ask for more information by sending us an email. You can find the contact information under contact.

You can find the contact information under CONTACT.