KJF organizes the following activities for their members:

Educational training

Courses to become a Referee, Budo teacher and Instructor.
We have special courses for black belt holders to become a teacher or an assistant of the teacher, and also to become a referee. This course can be started at any time.

Dan degree Examinations
Twice a year we hold an examination for Dan degree.

Seminar ( National & international)
Once a year national/international seminar in all the styles by (grand)masters who are a member of the KJF and also from (grand)masters from other countries.
During the seminars we promote all the styles/schools that is a member of this federation. We have Demonstrations and workshops by the master of each school and their students.
A seminar kan be combined with an examination or/and a promotion awarding.

DAN awarding
We issue Dan degree to members twice a year. We also give recognition to Dan degree that has been issued by other federations. It happens only the first time when one becomes a member and has already a Dan degree. After the recognition one must do the examen for the next Dan, according to the requirements.

Introduction of Ko-ryu Jujutsu published in june 2000
Demonstration and explanation of the representative techniques which is required for Dan exam, written by Makoto Kurabe Last successor of Kenso ryu (6th DAn)

We organize full contact close combat , Random Attack, Kata, and Grappling competition each year.
More information about this click on competition on the menu.

Promotions for members
Higher Dan promotion.
Title promotion

Hall Of Fame
Awarding of Martial Artist for their achievements and contribution in developping/promoting the Martial Art.