In 2022 there will be continues course in the education to become a Budo Teacher. One can apply for this course at any time (members and non-members). Please apply by email, we will send you the application form. The duration of this course will be 4 weekends (Saturday or Sunday) for 4 hours each day. Or at any time that is convenient in the weekdays.


Age: 18 years and up

No need to have a Black belt degree.

Declaration of good behavior not older than 3 months from date of issue.

Costs: for non-members € 600,00 and for members € 450,00 for a complete education

If you have already any kind of teaching qualifications, then you need to perform a lesson/training. The costs for this part of the education is € 450,00( for non-members and € 250,00 for members including Certificate and Pas. This certificate will be recognized by the KJF.

The program:

Training in Communication, Social behavior/skill, didactic and methodology, Making a lesson plan, pedagogy and all other Teaching qualifications subjects.

Application form  and other information by email ( to the secretary of KJF