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Since 2017 KJF ASIA is established for the Asian ountries. MR. Naditha Soysa is the co-ordinator for KJF ASIA.

KJF ASIA  is being co-ordinator from Sri Lanka.

Martial Art Marathon training

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For the first time KJF Europe organize a Martial Art Marathon in Co-operation with KJF Asia for all  martial artists from all over the world. You can participate in this Martial Art Marathon (3 times  a year). The first one is from 15 april till 25 april 2018, the second one from 10- 17 august  and the third one from 10-17 december 2018.

For more information and application please send us an email.  For information or application, please  contact the KJF representative of your country mentioned on the flyer. Or if there is no KJF repersentative in your country, then send your email to the headquarter of KJF In Europe.


During this Martial Art Marathon you will get training in all different Martial Arts as you wish. From every style a grandmaster will teach. You will get whole day training in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Dan examination

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The Dan degree examination that took place on sunday 25th March 2018 for the students Theo de Jong of AOBG Breda. Theo de Jong got his Promotion for the 7th DAN Aiki Ju Jitsu.

All candidates..congratulations. Job welldone.

Representative appointed for Greece

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The president of KJF Mr Krishna Gopal, has appointed Mr MM Zubair Ali from Greece as the representative of KJF Greece. KJF has recognized his 5th DAN grade in Shotokan Karate and issued the certificates.

Also Mr HMDR. Kalyana from Sri Lanka has become a member of KJF and his 5th DAN grade of Goju Ryu Karate is recognized by KJF and has received the certificate from the president of KJF.

KJF now also in Germany

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Since november 2017 we have KJF represented also in Germany by Mr Christoph Tillmann. He lives in Iserlohn Germany Close to Dortmund. HIs grades are all recognized by KJF. Check the site under Yudansha.

Budo teacher Course

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In 2018 there will be continues course in the education to become a Budo Teacher. One can apply for this course at anytime (members and non members). Please apply by email , we will send you the application form. The duration of this course will be 4 weekends (saturday or sunday) for 4 hours each day. Or at anytime that is confinient in the weekdays.


Age: 18 years and up

No need to have a Black belt degree.

Declaration of good behavior not older than 3 months from date of issue.

Costs: for non members € 600,00 and for members € 450,00 for complete education

If you have already any kind of teaching qualifications, then you need to perform a lesson/training. The costs for this part of the education is € 450,00( for non members and € 250,00 for members including Certificate and Pas. This certificate will be recognized by the KJF.

The programm:

Training in Communication, Social behaviour/skill, didactics and methodology, Making a lesson plan, pedagogy and all ohter Teaching qualifications subjects.

Applicationform  and other information by email (kjfbudofederation@gmail.com) to the secretary of KJF



Hall Of Fame, Dan examination, International Seminar

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This year the Martial Art Hall of Fame and Dan examination will be together with the 10th International Budo seminar on the 28th may 2017. From 12:00 hr till 14:00 hr Dan examination,
14:00 hr till 18:00 hr seminar
18:30 hr starts Hall of Fame Award ceremony (with reservation at sufficient nomminees).

Register for the Dan examination before end of april 2017. Send your registration to the secretarie by email.

Check the site for the categories and send your HAll of Fame nominations in time to the secretary of KJF by email. Mention the Award category, the name, birthdate, style, grade and country. Please add a photo of the nominee along with the application for the nomination.

Nominees are : Paul Koningshoven, Dhir Bahadur Bista, Surindra Bist, WMF Lindemans,Mario Krom, Widjai Raghoenandan
This award ceremony will be celebrated with music, food and drink. Order your ticket on time.

KJF Referee Course

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The referee training is open to anybody who wants to become a referee of KJF. Everybody that will pas this examen will receive a certificate and a pas. This will allow you to referee in the following competitions organized by KJF:







For more details , contact via email.