We Organize/promote tournament for the developement of the individual martial artist.
Kata Competition,

Any martial artist can take part in this tournament with any Kata from any style. This can be solo,  duo or with a team


Demonstration Competition,

This can be a solo performance or a dual or with a team, with or without music. ( time max. 3 min)


Random Attack Competition,

Any martial Artist of any style can take part. 1 defender must defend against 4 attackers who will attack random with and without weapons


Grappling Competition

To achieve submission by locks, stranglations and  grips


Close sparring Competition

Fighting  with half open gloves standing up and on the ground with limited rules to prevent injuries.


Rules and regulations are available for each category. Please feel free to ask for the rules and regulation by email if you are interested in these tournaments. We are also looking for martial artists who want to become referee for KJF.