KJF Europe organize a Martial Art Marathon in Co-operation with KJF Asia for all martial artists from all over the world. You can participate in this Martial Art Marathon (3 times a year). The first one is in May(5th till 15th) , the second in September (5th till 15th)August and the third one in December (15th till 22nd) 2019.

This marathon is ment ot upgrate your skills in Martial Art in general, Fighting (full contact and semi contact) and Self defence. This marathon is open for everyone from the age of 16. (Martial Art experience not required)

For more information and application please send us an email.  For information or application, please contact the KJF representative of your country mentioned on the flyer. Or if there is no KJF representative in your country, then send your email to the headquarter of KJF In Europe.

During this Martial Art Marathon, you will get training in all different Martial Arts as you wish. From every style, a grandmaster will teach. You will get whole day training in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.